It! What is “it”? It’s something that we understand but we’re not sure why we understand it. We just feel it and we

know it when we see it. Occasionally, you meet people who have “it”. Their star shines just a little brighter than others. I know when I see it, or hear people talk, or watch them train, and watch them fight and I say to myself; this person just seems different. They have it. It’s even more prevalent in fighters because we relate to the fact that they put it all on the line for us to see. The ring doesn’t lie. The curtain is pulled all the way back for us to consume truth in it's entirety. We can appreciate that. It speaks to that part of us that only speaks the truth. So, you take a person with the will, the skill, the look, the drive, the determination, the shine, the punches, the kicks, the clinch, and you’ve got a star in the making. Her name is Nora Cornolle.

       Coming off another victory just a few weeks ago, Nora improved her professional record to 17-3. Fighting out of her hometown France while cross training in Korat , Thailand, this was Nora's first fight in France in eight months so she was extra amped to put on a show. She was going up against a tough Thai fighter who was eager to spoil the homecoming. Accompanied by pro fighters Eddie Muniz and Fabio Pinca (one of the few fighters to hold a victory over the legendary Saenchai) Nora stepped in the ring with confidence at an all-time high. The fight ensued.

    Nora started off the contest with a jab, cross, low kick, all connecting on all 3 strikes. Her opponent responded with a big smile which can mean many things. We'd later find out that the smile meant that everything that was landing was hurting. Her opponent responded with a heavy middle kick to try and gain some respect, but Nora refused to give an inch. It's normal Thai style to start off slow early on and pick up the intensity as the rounds progress but Nora had other plans. She intended on a quick night. Her opponent tried to test her in the clinch to no avail as she was thrown several times and took a few short range elbows for her troubles before being dropped with jab, hook, uppercut combination as round 1 came to a close.

       The 2nd round started, and it was just a matter of time as Nora came out throwing Superman or in this case Superwoman punches and elbows. She was clearly having a good time in there as you do when you’re doing what you love. The end was near as her opponent engaged in the clinch once more but this time, there would be no escape. Several knees to the head prompted the corner to throw in the towel giving Nora the victory. As Nora looks to transition to the states soon, be on the lookout for high level Muay Thai, be on the lookout for greatness. Nora Cornolle is your fighter to watch.



by. Roland Barringer


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